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Naomi won’t face charges

Take those wanted signs down, it looks as though Naomi Campbell will escape police charges despite allegations made against her Tuesday that she attacked her driver.

Naomi’s New York attack

Oh, Naomi. Just as we were relishing in your do-good-for-charity efforts, you go and throw a punch spanner in the works. We thought Naomi Campbell’s wilder days were over, but […]

Gap designs Love T-shirts

The buzz surrounding Love’s naked soon-to-be-iconic supermodel covers is about to go one step further as the magazine transcends to T-shirts, designed exclusively by Gap.

Love bares all

As Love prepares to launch its third bi-annual edition next week, its also readying to reveal the bare truth. Eight different covers will feature fashion icons posing in the nude. […]

Topshop’s Dress Me Up

How many of you have shared in our dream of being able to borrow that dress from Kate Moss, have a nosey around Naomi Campbell’s clothes, or call up an […]

Prince at Paris Fashion Week

So we were all rather excited by the presence of fashion royalty at London Fashion Week, but, sorry Anna Wintour, we think this news may have just pipped you to […]

Naomi Campbell’s recession worries

Naomi Campbell believes the recession has stopped black models getting work. The outspoken supermodel claims advertising executives are shying away from using ethnic minority models in their campaigns because they […]

Has Naomi lost it again?

Yet another report of Naomi Campbell losing her rag has hit the headlines. Boring. We think so. But still it’s news so we’re reporting it. The supermodel has been accused […]