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Handbag Serendipity!

enter Serendipity, as defined by dictionary.com, is “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident, or “good fortune; luck. Well, I have to say I had quite a bit of both […]

Money Crunch: Gryson for Target

Economic crisis: it’s been everywhere lately, affecting prices at petrol stations and at grocery stores. All of this means that we have to take money from our rainy-day funds and […]

Bag alert: Patent Francine by Coach

The name Coach may not fly off everyone’s tongue as pre-eminent handbag designers, but I’m a big fan of their merchandise (especially their planners and sunglasses). They also have very […]

When Good Bags Go Wrong!

Who was it that said “less is more,” or to rephrase, that “more is just more?” Whomever it was, word does not seem to have reached the bag design team […]

It Bags: Mulberry Mabel Madness!

I think the unwritten rule is that if you see more than three hot Tinseltown “it girls photographed carrying the same purse, it automatically becomes the next “it bag. So […]

Features: Bag Wishlist!

Lately, I’ve been into bags. Normally I see pretty handbags and swoon over how lovely they are, but never really think of buying them for myself (if only because they’re […]

The Fenchurch Bottletop Bag

If ethical fashion is the new black, then the Bottletop bag definitely falls into the cool category. Resulting from a collaboration between UK charity Bottletop and cult brand