Tag: Remainders

Summer Loving

While we start to ponder and plan our autumn wardrobes lets not forget to enjoy the moment and make the most of what’s left of summer. Check out the vid […]

Ugly Beckham

Over the top and pure comedy….yes Victoria Beckham may just be the right candidate for a guest appearance on hit tv show Ugly Betty. Supposedly Posh will be starring in […]

Marc Jacobs Canvas Tote

Not wanting to be left out of the growing market for canvas totes, Marc Jacobs has released….get ready for it…. “Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs” [Style […]

Chasing Cool

“Simply chasing cool is really a bad idea; inspired by cool is a great idea. Walk the street, see what’s going on, and spit it out in your own way. […]

Market Girl

Elle’s market editor Carol Han a.k.a The Market Girl gets her hand molested by Damon Dash at the Cartier Love Day cocktail party. Hilarious![Market Girl]

Men’s fashion mags…dull?

A Guardian reader asks “Why are all men’s ‘fashion’ magazines either unbelievably camp or unbelievably dull?” And I have to agree. A breath of fresh air is desperately needed! [Guardian]