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7 fab Fashion Month essentials!

For some people, February is all about Valentine’s Day, but for all the budding fashionistas in the world, the month of Feb is all about fashion. New York Fashion Week, […]

Steep vs. Cheap: Chunky knit scarf

Looking at the frost-coated rooftops and grey clouds, it seems high time to invest in the chunkiest winter accessories possible! And given our affinity for all things knitted and super-cosy, […]

Treat him to…..

We all know that men can be a nightmare to shop for. They are insufferably vague and don’t give you the slightest idea on what gift avenues to take. That’s […]

5 stylish accessories every woman should own!

Outfit ‘gellers’, closet completers, or wardrobe ‘uniters’: however you prefer to address them, stylish accessories are the cornerstone of an accomplished wardrobe. Fashionably educated women understand that breathtaking looks are […]

Nicola Roberts in Meg Matthews

What is that adorable thing draped around Miss Roberts’ neck I hear you ask? No, it’s not her suspiciously like-its-owner pug dog pet, but rather it’s her wonderfully stylish printed […]

The curse of the enormous scarf

I have recently invested in an enormous scarf, you know like those ones you see in magazine shoots, which drown the model but nonetheless look incredibly cool. When I say […]

God Save McQueen

Britannia fashion is something that is appearing more and more this season, and Alexander McQueen is, as usual, one of the