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Steep VS Cheap: Cage me up!

We’ve all debated thoroughly over the available at e-luxury). The corset waist enhances every woman’s curves, and evokes the feminine figure. Yet if you just can’t manage to afford the […]

Lipsy Corset Tulip Dress

I call it the Matthew Williamson effect. After seeing all the bright colours from his H&M collection I find myself lusting after “tropical brights more than ever. Lipsy have a […]

Turquoise Mitzy Tote by Mulberry

With the sun blazing, the time has come to revitalise our arm candy. For the ultimate bag purchase, investment is key. Bring on the brights with this turquoise tote, £495 […]

An ode to the Burberry Trench

It is the epitome of style. The classic piece of clothing that suits any occasion or season. The Burberry trench is possibly THE most iconic fashion item. It has proved […]

MiH: The not so new cult jeans

MiH Jeans really do wear their heart on their, er, legs. You can spot their classic British tailoring a mile off. Maybe it’s the crisp pleats and tucks, or the […]

Sweet sundae shades for spring?

Finally it’s happening. Daffodils are blooming and crocuses are popping out and today it’s even sunny! Yes, Spring is finally edging its way in and with it comes the wardrobe […]

Trend Alert: Leotard Ladies!

Wordsmith Lady Gaga recently retorted “it‘s never too cold for a leotard.  It seems the music world may well be in agreement with this statement.  Previously an item worn only […]

See by Chloe Waffle A-Line Skirt

Ever had an especially gawdy floral card from a well meaning but clueless elderly relative? You know the sort, neon yellow and pink flowers, maybe a tangerine coloured rose and […]

Is Alexa Chung, getting a New Look?

It’s hard to move these days without hearing “collaboration” or “celebrity modelling” [insert designer]”, being shouted from a penthouse rooftop. And now there is another possible collaboration on the horizon. […]

Anthropologie is coming

No not the study of cultures but the fantastic fashion brand from the US. Anthropologie is sister to cult store Urban Outfitters and it has announced that it will be […]

Botkier Studio Clutch

It’s weird. I love bags and I’ll be the first to admit that I have an unhealthy obsession. But my ratio of shoulder bags to clutches is oddly disproportionate. I […]

Top Ten for 2009

A new year, a new lot of items to lust over. Not sure where to begin? Update your wardrobe with these 10 key items and start off 2009 with a […]