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How technology is being used in fashion

Since the Industrial Revolution, companies of all kinds have looked to technological innovations to improve workplace efficiency. Two centuries on and digital technology has permeated every nook and cranny of […]

HP launches Paparazzi campaign

With the worlds of fashion and technology meeting all the more frequently, HP has just launched its new Paparazzi campaign to capture that middle ground where form and function can […]

Burberry launches interactive campaigns

If ever there was a person staying one step ahead of fashion’s technological toes, it’s Christopher Bailey. Social networking site and live 3D catwalk already conquered, Burberry’s latest conquest is […]

News: Fashion Goes High-Tech!

How many times have you been meandering through shops by yourself, looking for a dress for a special occasion, only to be torn between two or three? German designer

The suit that reads minds

If fashion is obsessed with the past what would it take for it to truly embrace the future? Designer Hussein Chalayan continues to toy with the idea that fashion’s future […]