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Fashion meets Technology:Vivienne Tam MP3 Walkman

Fashion meets Technology:Vivienne Tam MP3 Walkman

Clothing designers collaborating on non-apparel related items is nothing new, but when it comes to gadgets the majority of designers have taken an approach that focuses on protective cases instead[Read More...]

by 11th December 2007 Fashion Fix
The suit that reads minds

The suit that reads minds

If fashion is obsessed with the past what would it take for it to truly embrace the future? Designer Hussein Chalayan continues to toy with the idea that fashion’s future[Read More...]

by 14th June 2007 Fashion Fix
These shoes were made for walking

These shoes were made for walking

So you start off the evening with a couple of drinks coupled with great company then head off dancing in a pair of heels so cute that you’re lavished with[Read More...]

by 28th May 2007 Fashion Fix

Aesthetics + Economics

The Aesthetics+Economist’s take on Miuccia’s Mobile

by 26th January 2007 Fashion Fix
The Prada Phone by LG

The Prada Phone by LG

If you’ve seen the ultra stylish touch screen phone courtesy of Prada and cant decide whether to buy The Prada phone when its launched in February or wait for the[Read More...]

by 23rd January 2007 Fashion Fix


The stunning iPhone has been announced, with specs that would make anyone drool, tech geek or not. [stylehive]

by 12th January 2007 Fashion Fix

Coutorture it!

Julie Fredrickson and Phil Leif over at launched this week a new section to the site, Coutorture It. A social fashion news service, and the first of its kind[Read More...]

by 9th November 2006 Fashion Fix Searching Visually Searching Visually

Going live today, Riya launches a visual search engine which aims to completely change the way we shop online. Rather than spending a lifetime searching for items on the[Read More...]

by 8th November 2006 Fashion Fix
Technology…fashions future.

Technology…fashions future.

Everyone at the moment seems to be speculating about fashion’s future with Time magazine suggesting the industry is in a “state of medical emergency” and rightly so. Fashion is undoubtly[Read More...]

by 10th October 2006 Fashion Fix

Anina talks flash lite

Really good presentation from fashion model Anina re the benefits of Flash lite.

by 24th February 2006 Fashion Fix
Motorola teams up with D&G

Motorola teams up with D&G

Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana have unveiled their new limited edition RAZR V3. With a liquid gold finish, the phone combines the slick Motorola RAZR design and Dolce and Gabbana’s[Read More...]

by 16th December 2005 Fashion Fix

Chameleon scarf

Rather than purchase different coloured scarves to match your outfits, you can now wait with baited breath for the Chameleon Scarf. Developed at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, the scarf[Read More...]

by 15th December 2005 Fashion Fix

Topshop on your mobile

Every company around is searching for a way to incorporate mobile phones into their business and Topshop is no exception. The store has managed to find a way to further[Read More...]

by 1st November 2005 Fashion Fix