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Colour me summer!

If countless magazines are to be believed, it seems it may be time for me to wean myself off my standard issue colour palette of neutrals and muted jewel tones […]

Glove Love!

As part of my inherent love for any modern take on ladylike style, the kind of details that recall a time when gentlemen tipped their hats on cobbled streets as […]

Trends: Hit the Decks

If the rumours are true, then deck shoes are the latest must-have fashion item this summer. It’s hard to believe that a shoe associated with fatherly types and would-be eurostrash […]

The Edge of Style!

As ubiquitous as the images from “The Edge of Love” (the upcoming film about poet Dylan Thomas starring Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller) have become, I can’t help but love […]

Bring It On: The Tartan Trend

Tartan shirts were a big trend during A/W ’07 and have appeared yet again on the A/W ’08 catwalks. I know it’s a bit early to start getting excited about […]

Trends: Peek-a-boo!

Visible bra straps? Frowned upon, yes, but grossly overlooked, I say. As with so many fashion “rules”, there is so much more fun to be had when “don’ts” are entirely […]

Trends: Folky Girls

As the dawn of summer festivals prepares to rise , my yearning to be swaying in a sunlit meadow whilst a girl sings onstage with a strumming guitar and a […]

Spring Style: Top Knots

Unable to take the plunge and actually chop my hair, I have found a less permanent way to have a spring fling with my ‘do. When you are known for […]

Trends: Checkmate

Not usually one to partake in any item of clothing that might come under the banner of “androgynous”, I tend to ignore any call to arms for “sharp masculine tailoring” […]

Trends: Back Strap, Cut-out Dresses

Young celebs have been spotted around town baring their backs in cut out or back-strap frocks recently. Something about the allusion to undergarments makes the look daring and very sexy. […]

Sock it to me Spring!

Apparently, Spring has sprung! Although the wild blizzard I had to navigate through this morning would beg to differ…..And so we launch into the difficult fashion territory that is the […]

Polls: The Scrunchy Revival?

Scrunchies died a long time before that classic episode of SATC when Carrie and Berger argue about the 80’s hair accessory and its place in fashion history. Or so I […]

Style Crush: Cassie-style cool

Not usually one to idolise the style choices of fictional teenage girls (childhood ‘Skins‘ as my new style crush. The show, which chronicles the debaucherous antics of a group of […]

Spring’s Eccentric Old Ladies!

Collective muses of the season seem to be “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” of “Grey Gardens” fame. The cult documentary, which followed the squalar, isolation and faded eccentricities of Jackie […]

Walk the tights-rope!

I have always been an enthusiastic ambassador for the joys of coloured tights, so it is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation. That is not to say […]

Trends: Ballerina Fashionista!

Contrary to what the magazines would have you believe, there is a way to float through Spring’s romance-spun reverie withough having to overload your garden with never-ending floral prints. A […]

Spring Trends: The Power Suit

Elle’s Fashion Director, Nina Garcia says “It’s all about the jacket this season” as she walks us through the comeback of the power suit for Spring 08…