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All Hail The New Man-Bag!

We all covet that elusive one-of-a-kind couture piece, something which provokes envious stares, lustful glances and jealous whispers. Well ladies, I’m here to tell you that most of us already […]

Victoria Beckham: Less is more!

As Victoria Beckham is carving a new career in the shape of a ‘professional style icon’, why is it that fashion writers and fashionistas alike are still asking why she […]

The Posh effect

No longer allowed freebies from big designer labels…..has Victoria Beckham become a fashion liability? Well not according to the organisers of fashion rocks, who appear to be considering the stick […]

Posh fashion

I just knew that this would happen: Posh Spice is thinking of launching her own fashion label. Not suprised at all. It was quite obiviously her next step. Well good […]