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Websnob: Coquette

Coquette is inspired by Leanimal’s Spring collection themed “Haphazard Origami”.

Websnob: Shrimpton Couture

Shrimpton Couture wants to go to London to meet THE Biba Girl

Websnob: Bag Bliss

Bag Bliss: Meet handbag design team Loeffler Randall

Websnob: Second City Style

Second City Style asks: seriously, what can celebrities really teach us about fashion?

Websnob: Papierblog

Papierblog looks at the recent fashion counterfeiting raid in New York’s Chinatown

Websnob: Bag Snob

Bag Snob has 5 bags under $500 for S/S ’08!

Websnob: Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle

Stiletto Jungle features the new Lauren Conrad clothing line.

Fashion Indie

Fashion Indie reviews the Fall 2008 Runways of Paris.