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Love your style: Kate Mara

Actress and girl about town Kate Mara is best known for her work on 24 and Brokeback Mountain.  A fixture on the LA and NY party circuit, Mara knows how […]

Designers baking…whatever next?!

Wonders will never cease, designers are getting creative in the kitchen. The Council of Fashion Designers America (CFDA) have decided to launch their fourth book, and it’s a cookery book. […]

Lobe & behold: Extreme earrings

We’re used to designers “pushing boundaries and creating completely unwearable and impractical items. Like those ridiculous heel-less high heels from Victoria even you looked mind-bogglingly ridiculous). Now it’s time for […]

Ankle Socks. A Summer Staple!

Footwear, legwear and general leg exposure is always a bit of a tricky area when the sun bestows it’s gentle rays on pins as white as mine are. All sunkissed […]

Zac poses for Papermag

Papermag covers designer Zac Posen…. I love strong female archetypes,” Zac says, nodding. “And movies made me understand the drama of life: the excitement, the calm moments, the wild moments, […]