Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Do you think different colours of denim go together?

This is quite a tricky one, it all depends on the specific shades and cuts of the items you want to put together. Very pale faded blue jeans in a wide chic cut teamed with a crisp indigo denim jacket works really well but indigo and stonewash wouldn?t go. In fact nothing goes with stonewash. The look you’re trying to get should be a funky mis-matched style and anything resembling Shakin’ Stevens should be discarded. Likewise anything with an 80s cut should be binned. That means your 501s shouldn?t be within a mile radius of any other denim. Of course it depends on your personal style but unless your wardrobe is full of cutting edge and modern pieces you should be very careful. One combo that works very well is faded black jeans with turn-ups (Like Marc by Marc Jacobs a few seasons ago) but now a design classic and an indigo slim-fit blazer. Smart, a little edgy and still very modern.

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