Last Updated on 3rd November 2007

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but personally I believe all jewellery is a girl’s best buddy. True enough you can never have too much and jewellery/web designer Cathy Gonsalves is one who should never have this worry. With an online boutique Snapadoos, Cathy handcrafts every piece to perfection.

mfl: Who are your favorite jewellery designers and why?

I am inspired and admire jewelry designers who are fearless with color and playful like Tarina Tarantino. I also am inspired by many “up and coming” designers whose work is energetic and personality-packed.

mfl: What’s the longest time it’s taken you to make a piece of jewellery?

Oh gosh…I have worked on designs for days to perfect it. Fine tuning is a delicate thing though, you can overdo it and totally destroy something…normally I keep tweaking a design until I love it!

mfl: Is your work available at any retail outlets?

I wholesale to boutiques and shops all over the country and even to some internationally.

mfl: What do you hope to achieve from this year?

I don’t set big goals, good things are slow to happen and you just have to keep working hard and pushing forward. I am working on ways to increase exposure for both my jewelry designs and my web design business. I am still proving myself and doing my time.

mfl: Name your top three favorite songs?

Beautiful …Christina Aguilera, Lucky Star …Maddona, Angie …Rolling Stones

mfl: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Be persistent -don’t give up.

For more info and to buy, contact Cathy Gonsalves

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