Last Updated on 19th October 2013

I’ve always sat on the fence re the fur debate, I’ve seen both sides of the argument and haven’t really felt passionately about it enough to completely agree that fur should be banned. To be honest I think fur coats are beautiful, I’ve never worn one and probably wouldnt just because it’s not my style but I’ve admired it on others. That was till this morning, when upon checking the sites email I came across a comment from Daniel Miranda from Portugal re this post. She posted a video link regarding the whole J-Lo vs Peta issue thats been in the fashion news for the past couple of weeks. As curious as I am I entered the details into my address bar looking forward to the video and what I saw was so horrific and foul that I couldnt believe that for so long I’ve been ignorant about exactly how animals are killed in order to make these coats. The video really isnt for the faint hearted, it is unbelieveable and it has affected my opinion. I do believe J-Lo has had a hard time by peta recently and she has been singled out and made an example of by the organisation. She is not the only celeb who wears fur….she wont be the last…but she really should take a look at this footage.

Watch the video

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Text: Michele Obi

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