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A self-confessed lover of the arts Jewellery Designer Jeanne Nicole McCollister creates custom made jewellery for the individual. After designing for friends and family Jeanne took her creativity one step further and began Jeanne Nicole. Due to be featured in the July Issue of Instyle magazine, Jeanne Nicole also offers one of a kind pieces for brides to be.

How did you get into Jewellery design?

I have always had a passion for many forms of art. I love painting, designing, drawing, and writing. I have done several paintings for retail stores and friends of friends. I love to sketch various ideas of clothing and accessories. Writing has been another passion; I love poetry and journalism. I wrote for a magazine while I was in college and had the privilege of writing cover stories which was the ultimate thrill of writing for a magazine.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My father has always encouraged my artistic talents. He has many of the same so he knows how it feels to have creative desires (he publishes a business journal). Growing up they enrolled me in art classes and writing classes. I find another form of art is being able to express yourself through your work…I thank my parents for always encouraging me to express my feelings, making me feel loved and knowing how to verbally express those feelings as well, and by teaching me to follow your heart – which is what made me sacrifice the ensured career in journalism and yet following my dream of design.

If you weren’t designing jewellery, what other career path would you follow?

Journalism…my college degree. I love to write! My second passion is writing. I find it to be an intriguing challenge to write about things that have significance and draw readers in just from a title and byline. I love to captivate a reader with a different concept of reporting the news!!

Who are your favourite designers?

I like collections from medium end of clothing: BCBG is my all time favorite, Nicole Miller uses her color combinations very well…I find a lot of my customers are shopping in this price range and my style complements the look of these collections.

You also design one off pieces for weddings, how did that come about?

I love to custom design and bridal parties are perfect for this area of design. It makes shopping so easy for brides while adding a personal touch to the gifts going toward those who are dear to her as well.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

One of the 2 men (Bernstein/Wooward) who discovered the Nixon WaterGate scandal case…heard his leading tip sitting next to another patient at a doctor’s office. Always seize every moment as an opportunistic situation! (look at them now!!!!)

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