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What do you get when you combine the front man ( and the head stylist (Lor-e Philips) of the multi platinum selling Black Eyed Peas? A creative and unique label by the name of clothing. Founded with the motivation of creating one off pieces rather than mass produced garments, I am clothing is haute couture for the street and consists of waistcoats, skirts, blazers, trousers and scarves. known for his eccentric style is a former student of the LA Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising while Lor-e Philips is widely recognised for her design and styling talents in the television, film and music industry. An advocator of individualism Lor-e talks to us about what makes different from the rest.

Your bio states that clothing was created to awaken the world to your view of fashion, what is your view of fashion?

We believe that everyone should just be themselves, whatever that is…not following trends and be true to yourself when it comes to fashion. Wear what you like and want to, not what society dictates to you…

How would you describe your style?


You produce 12 pieces of each of your designs and each piece of clothing is personally signed and numbered by This is a great unique selling point…what made you decide to do this and once clothing gets bigger and you produce more of each item, will it be something you can continue in the future?

We decided to originally to stand against mass production. no one wants to wear something that everyone else already has…this fall/winter collection 2005 has gone up to 500 pieces being produced, they are all still signed and numbered individually by…


Whom would you class as a fashion icon?

Anyone who wears what they want, opposed to what they are told to, or what they think is “IN”…

I. am clothing seems to focus on individuality and everyone wants to have an individual style yet we all follow trends and eventually look the same. How do you think this can be changed and should it be?

Not everyone follows trends, but alot do, to each his or her own…if that’s what makes them happy, following trends, by all means, please do, but we are for the ones that are looking to be a bit different and are looking to have that special something jacket or that special something skirt that everyone wont already have..

What are your aspirations for clothing in the next 5 years?

To continue making one of a kind hand crafted garments that reflect style… fashion and individual inspiration rather than garments that are products of trying to “make more money”..

Who or what is your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. Lor-eIt’s hard to narrow it down to one person or thing, but I think that we are each others ( & lor-e phillips) inspiration as well as the fact that we are inspired by our surroundings and the ideas that are just born in our minds on a daily basis…

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Rome wasn’t built in one day” Will told me when we first started…it stands very true; to take something you are very proud of takes time, energy and the right creativity process. If we mass produced and “blew up over night” where would the artistry be?

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