Last Updated on 21st March 2021

Sophia on Chair
You must know the drill…your mobile is ringing, it’s at the bottom of your bag, you frantically search for it amidst all the junk until you’re whipped into a mad frenzy and resort to chucking everything out!

Finally managing to find the damn phone, you hit the answer button and the caller drops. This happens to me at least twice a week and if it’s never happened to you, welcome to my world!

That’s why I love the genius of The Sophia from Alexandra Bee handbags. The interior is cleverly separated into individual pockets to hold all your gadgets, keys, wallet etc.

The only disadvantage for me is that I walk around with at least 2 magazines and a notepad so not sure how that would work. But I do love it and it’s got to be the bag to organise the most disorganised.

Made from Italian calfskin leather and available in two sizes small (approx. £205 / $345) or large (approx. £229 / $409) this bag not only comes in six different shades but nine designer fabrics too.
Inside Sophia

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