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julia_renata_header.jpgThere’s Sienna and Savannah, Penelope and Monica and Mary and Kate. But none of these sister design duo’s can compare to Julia and Renata. In 1993 the pair launched their own fashion line and their entire first collection was purchased by stylist Patricia Field. Although currently busy sorting out their hotly anticipated presentation for Miami fashion week, Renata took some time out to answer some of our questions….

You’ve been in the business for over 10 years now. Is there anything you wish you’d done differently?

No we do not think so. We’ve learnt so much about the consequences of our decisions. Now we are calm although we do continue to think about the option of living in another country with a fashionable culture. In Mexico the fashion culture is very limited.

There are numerous fashion blogs and a number of social networking sites like IQONS catering specifically to the fashion industry. How do you think technology has changed the face of fashion? And would you say it’s been for the better or worse?

We speak a lot about this subject. The internet, the blogs and sites like Myspace and Iqons have transferred the barrier of the traditional means. In the past you discovered new designers through magazines and television and you formed an opinion based on these forms of media. Now there is so much information available and you can meet people from all over the world. In some ways you feel less isolated. In a country like Mexico with limited opportunities in fashion the internet is a tool for fast promotion. But we wondered ourselves how many of all those people whom you bump into on the internet are doing their own original work. It is easy to manipulate these means since you can create a persona with an interesting profession and you adorn it with good images. And you have an artist who perhaps does not have a real formation and tomorrow he or she disappears.

renata_1_final.jpgIf you weren’t designing what would your dream job be?

Julia likes cooking and I like music. We would have a restaurant with a musical recommendation for each meal. In fact it’s a project that we wish to do in the future.

Designer and High street collaborations are becoming very popular and Roberto Cavalli recently confirmed he’d be partnering up with H&M. What are your thoughts on this growing trend? If the opportunity came up which high street retailer would you consider working with?

It is interesting that these collaborations have become possible. We have bought clothes designed by Viktor and Rolf for H&M. A year ago Target presented us with a proposal to design for them as part of a project collaborating with Latin American designers. We hope that this project will be a reality in 2009.

Which piece from your past or current collections do you feel most emotionally attached to and why?

The dresses from our last two collections because are completely handmade and remind us of a radical change in our lives.

What are you currently listening to on your Ipod?

Anthony and the Johnsons, Jay Jay Johanson, Arcade Fire. Micah P. Hinson, David Thoman Broughton, Metallic Falcons, Ratatat and Avey Tare and Kría Brekkan

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Take the risk!

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