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When shopping blog Racked reported that Topshop might be coming to New York, there was much excitement over the prospect that the trendy British chain could soon be gracing American shores. But with stores like Zara and H&M already here, is American shopping still so bad that we need another European import? Granted, shopping in the U.S has its drawbacks, but anyone who has lived abroad knows that Europe is not the shopaholic’s paradise it sometimes appears to be. Here are some of the pros and cons I discovered when shopping across the pond…

• Superior sizing. Unlike in the land of Big Macs and “super sizing, the UK offers clothing to fit petite women.

• Fast-forward fashion. In the US, it can take months for runway fashion to hit retail stores. In the UK, the models have barely gotten off the runway before imitation versions are available everywhere.

• Harrods. It may be crowded, expensive, and full of tourists, but there is no place in America where you can buy quail eggs and Prada under the same roof.

• Exchange Rate. A pair of jeans that might cost you $100 in America can easily cost ₤100 or more in England. Do the math and you’ll realize that the US dollar just doesn’t cover it overseas.

• Same old, same old. While the US is often regarded as the chain capital of the world, Britain definitely has its share of high-street homogeneity. Look around and you’ll see a GAP on every corner and a Starbucks drink in every hand.

• Fashion victims. Sure, the UK has its share of eccentrics and individualists. But sometimes, it seems like the whole nation gets swept up in the latest and greatest trend. When the 40 year old mom and her 8 year old daughter are both wearing the same wooden necklace, it can get a little much.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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