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After watching loads of reruns to get us through the 13 month off-season, our favorite hit reality show, Project Runway finally premiered on Wednesday night! 15 new designers were introduced, all hungry to take the crown. It’s going to be a dramatic season and we’re going to give you the weekly play-by-play.

Here’s our week 1 rundown:

As the intros started, some of the cast seemed oddly familiar. There’s Chris, a flamboyant costume designer, who reminded us of Jay from season 1; Sweet P, an ex-biker chick with tats down her arms, who behaves like the long lost sister of season 3 winner, Jeffrey; and Ricky, a lingerie designer, who was moved to tears within the first few minutes, much like season 3 waterworks, Andrae.

Entertainment came from the less recognizable characters;

Marionette artist – Elisa, raised eyebrows (including Heidi’s) with her wild earthiness. Her antics i.e. rolling around in the grass with a piece of fabric to “imbue it with a natural element made us literally laugh out loud.

Carmen, a former model, quickly revealed a big head to go with her big hair, sniping that her competition couldn’t know the first thing about fashion since they had never worked a catwalk.

Then there’s denim designer, Kevin, who came out of the closet and admitted he was straight. (Gasp!)

Early frontrunners were;

Rami, an established LA-based designer and the winner of the challenge. His gorgeous, drapey, Grecian-inspired frock was drool worth.

Christian, a young and flamboyant designer. We loved his daring plaid jacket and pleated asymmetrical skirt combo that somehow just worked (even though Tim Gunn didn’t think so).

Surprisingly the first to hear “auf wiedersehen, wasn’t Elisa, after she created a skin-tight gown with a patchwork train that Heidi said looked as if it was “pooing fabric (Huh?). Instead, Simone, who sent a sloppy, yawn-worthy outfit down the runway, was first out and we weren’t the least bit sad to see her go.

Early picks to make it to fashion week:




Who we think might be axed next:




This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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