katyrodriguez.jpgAs co-owner of popular vintage boutique Resurrection Vintage, Katy Rodriguez has acquired a loyal fan base of vintage lovers everywhere. Since its conception in 1996 in New York city and with another store in L.A, the boutique has become the “go-to” for many of her admirers eager to purchase an amazing find.

Last year saw Katy branch out as a designer with the debut of her Criss Cross dress, followed up with a presentation at N.Y fashion week. Her designs proved to be a hit! And gained her a number of celebrity followers. We caught up with Katy just in time for the holidays….

My friends would describe me as?  You must ask them, I cannot answer for them.

The hardest aspect of running Resurrection Vintage is? Time. There is never enough time to do all the things we would like. I think my business partner and I suffer from this.

I started designing because? I love clothes and I love the creative process. I studied art but turned to clothes because they live through the person that wears them. I was bored with flat art on the wall.


Last film I watched? Monster in Law. It was on TV while I was sick. It was horrible! I do like watching Jane Fonda though.

Top shopping tip for vintage lovers? Buy what you love and buy it when you see it. You will often miss out if you wait!

All I want for Christmas? My health

Blogs I read? Style.com, Cory Kennedy and Perez of course!

Magazines I love? Any vintage fashion magazines. Details from the 1980’s is my absolute favourite. New magazines I like, and Surfers Journal are good too.

N.Y Fashion Week is… There are no words to describe it, at least not here.

Favourite holiday destination? Mal Pais, Costa Rica

Last time I cried? Last night. I watched the final episode of The Contender. The fight was brutal and gruelling. IT was a young guy against a very powerful man. The young guy gave it his best and hung in for about eight rounds. He started to a real beating. Those scary moments before the ref called the fight were very upsetting. "The agony of defeat" gets me every time.

Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given? Your house should never look like a hotel. A mentor of mine told me that when I was seven years old. I’ve tried to live by it.

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