Last Updated on 19th October 2013

toofaced_lipgloss.jpgRemember those kitschy mood rings or hyper-color t-shirts that we used to love in grade school? I used to think it was so cool that something would change colors based on my mood…I guess some things never change.

When I was at Sephora this weekend, I came across a bright pink packaged lip gloss named Mood Swing by Too Faced. Promising to moisturize, protect and to tint the wearer’s lips according to their PH Balance and mood, the product sounded like it was worth a fun little test drive.

After swabbing a little on my lips, the gloss that was crystal clear coming from the tube, morphed into a rosy tint somewhere between strawberry and light fuschia.

After consulting with the box that categorized the different shades of pink into moods, I discovered that I was “feeling frisky! Being that Sephora does get me hot and bothered (with the infinite lip glosses, eye shadows and mascaras at my fingertips), I would say that the diagnosis was pretty accurate.

All gimmicks aside, I loved the way the gloss brought my lips to a noticeable shade of pink that naturally complimented my skin tone, and really enjoyed the minty tingle that I felt on my lips for a few minutes afterward. $18.50 Available at Sephora.

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