Last Updated on 27th February 2008

If Prada’s flower-stemmed heels were a bit too … flamboyant for you, check out their latest version of the heel-as-art shoe. A bit art-deco, a bit Renaissance with the jewels, and a bit 1950s with it’s Mary-Jane style. This shoe projects luxury and class. Despite these various influences, the whole shoe ties together quite nicely and doesn’t feel “busy” at all.

The silver and gold metallics ensure that you don’t have to pick and choose between your jewelry (or your bags!), and the brightness of the shoe adds a nice punch (though kick is probably more accurate) to even the most bland of outfits. Actually, I’d recommend pairing this shoe with basic tailored pieces to really highlight the meticulous detailing.

Although I really liked the flowered heel shoe showcased earlier, it pales compared to this shoe. These are far more versatile, while the floral heel is now making me think that that design would look silly when worn in cold weather (or maybe even a non-tropical locale …). $750 Available at Bergdorf Goodman.

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