Last Updated on 19th October 2013

popgloss.jpgAs I have mentioned once or twice before, in the fashion world it is pretty easy to veer from the fashion-as-art path into the pretentious zone.

Take, for example, a recent email I just received from Barney’s that uses the following words: art, indulgence, irreverence, delight, eccentricity, colour, pattern, idiosyncrasy, exuberance, desire. It’s ah … a bit heavy-handed, but when you’re reading fashion publications that constantly use those words, sometimes you need a bit of a smack in the head to remember that fashion can be fun, no matter the role it plays in your life.

When I need that wakeup call, I head over to It’s essentially a photoblog of fashion items updated daily during the week. Some items are high fashion, like these Dior pumps but other times they have items that are totally whimsical and hilarious, like this bodice bar necklace.

It’s a reminder that even if fashion is a centerpiece in our lives (ie, a source of income), we should do it with a healthy dose of humour as well.

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