With the first rays of real sunlight creeping in my dusty window comes the faint but enchanting prospect that summer might be just around the corner. Whilst sandals and bikinis might not be quite on the cards, I will settle for the temperature creeping up just enough to cast off my winter coat and begin gallavanting about in a little summer jacket.

Bored of my little boxy black number from last year, suddenly I have the perfect guilt-free excuse to buy an all-essential ‘capsule’ piece. Obviously the jacket trend of choice for what appears to be the entire fashion world is currently the slim fit, black tuxedo jacket. A look which I love love on, say, Carine Roitfield and Mary Kate but somehow doesn’t look quite me.

I need something less harsh, a way to twist the trend into a more Katy-shaped mould. I’d like a blazer which is more majorette than power suit, more boyish charm than hardcore masculinity. Without going for an all-out themed number, the addition of brass buttons could add a quirky big band touch or perhaps searching for something in navy for a softer alternative to black…..I have a quest. Now I just need the sun to stay out long enough for me to complete it….

(School Boy Blazer featured above, £60 available at Topshop)

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