Although the perennial make-up look for summer is, of course, ‘fresh-faced’ beauty I’d like to venture a painterly alternative. Wild, I know, but as anyone who has actually ventured out of said ‘fresh-faced’ beauty will know from bitter experience, this is an elusive look that seems to mysteriously occur solely in the forbidden realm of supermodels (a magical place of flawless complexions, flashing bulbs, cigarettes and leather jackets….).

Besides, there are so many exciting new make-up looks for AW08 that it seems cruel to ignore their charm for even a couple of months. It’s just a matter of adapting the rustic looks with a softer, more luminous approach.

The painted faces at Marni were some of my favourites; the smudgy colours rendered the girls like paintings emerging from a hundred year slumber in a sleepy forest (read: summery lagoon….).

Just swap the autumnal palettes for summer brights and there are no rules except that everything must be applied with your fingertips with a dizzying nonchalance.

It is, however, important to remember that you are aiming for subtle, sunlit aura of pre-raphaelite romance, not “I’ve just been beaten up for wearing too much make-up on the beach” chic. It’s a fine line…..


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