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It’s been a good while since I last slipped into a pair of Keds (the athletic Pro-Keds line to be exact), but the time away has not changed my endearment for the shoe. Rather, as I grew out of Pro-Keds, I matured into the more sophisticated, all-white Keds Champion. From time to time, for want to be individual, I find myself getting nostalgic about my pubescent days of marked up, correction fluid covered Pro-Keds. However, Keds have put an end to all my psychological frolicking with the launch of Keds Studio, an online custom shoe program.

Keds, in partnership with Zazzle, have thrust the consumer into the drivers seat with this first of its kind program that allows, you, the consumer to embellish your Keds Champions, in either the classic lace-up or slip-on canvas styles, with personalized graphics.

Sentimental artwork, illustrations and texts that speak to your individual style can be uploaded and unfolded onto the shoe as though it were a canvas (pun intended)! What’s more, did I mention that these self-made designs could profit you a dollar or more through the Zazzle “marketplace” feature?

But if calligraphy, drawing or art, in general, is not your forte, don’t worry, you can still get in on the action. Keds offers a wide selection of basic colours plus a bevy of pre-made designs by artists such as Rebecca Babcock of Lucky Magazine, Sarah Singh (also affiliated with Lucky Magazine), Gen Art artists, among others.

So if you’re momentarily lacking in creative inspiration as we speak, move quickly on these limited-edition designs because a new artist or designer will be featured each month.

The Keds Studio will be offering five styles of Keds Champions for women and kids (sorry chaps, we’ll just have to wait our turn) that are free to be bejeweled in whatever you fancy. From lace-ups to slips-ons and even mini slip-ons, Keds have ensured that you have the pick of the bunch for as low as $50 to $60!

Head on over to Keds Studio or Zazzle to start customizing now!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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