Last Updated on 23rd June 2021


Fashion and functionality continue to scale newer and zanier heights. First, a bullet proof pocket square (I’m as bewildered as you are) and now a winter mitt that permits smokers to fashionably light up! It’s all a bit mad hatterish if you ask me, however, this case of pointless fashion puts the cherry on top.

Even though you’d expect the biting cold winter to curtail a smokers’ need to light up, it seems the tundra like conditions doesn’t dissipate their urge, but heartens them to continue to puff away. Oddly enough, fashion has stepped in to make those frigid smoking sojourns outside the office more toasty and inviting with the smoking mitten.

The Tobias Wong designed Smoking Mittens are the perfect tonic for those incessant smokers who can’t shake the craving even with a wintery cold front bearing down on them. A built in metal eyelet allows smokers to enjoy a firm, unshakable draw on their cigarette while their paws remain limber.

At least the idea behind the bullet proof pocket square is discreet. On mere appearance alone, no one would begin to suspect whether or not your pocket square could pack a punch the size of a bullet.

However, these Smoking Mittens definitely take the mickey out of smokers! If you’re that pressed to smoke outside in below freezing temperatures, the Smoking Mittens ($29) are a decent investment. Personally, the mitten is overly fussy so if you do take the plunge and get these,risk finding yourself the butt of jokes in the office rather quickly…pun intended!


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