Last Updated on 5th June 2016


The fun and games have to come to an end! Now whether you approached our recent TJ Maxx contest with an educated guess or engaged in a whimsical bout of eeny, meeny, miny, moe, we appreciate your input. Congratulations to our winner Rita M who correctly guesses that the outfit on the RIGHT was infact the SPLURGE! Here’s how the the outfits actually weighed up price wise:

Splurge (Department Store)
Gloves: $130.00
Bag: $229.00
Boots: $99.99
Jacket: $159.50
Pants: $89.50 Total: $707.99

Steal (TJ Maxx/Marshalls Off Price)
Gloves: $59.99
Bag: $169.99
Boots: $19.99
Jacket: $29.99
Pants: $49.99
Scarf: $16.99 Total: $346.94

Take home message: don’t sleep on the TJ Maxx brand!

Thanks again to TJ Maxx for sponsoring this holiday giveaway, but we would also like to extend a warm gesture for your participation. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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