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Description: A sugar scrub with extract of wild strawberry to soothe, sweet almond and jojoba oils to hydrate and shea butter to boost skin barriers. It claims to exfoliate, polish, leaves skin hydrated and smoothed. The scent is madarin, osmanthus flower and vanilla. £2.20 for 75ml.

Application: Apply to damp skin, rub the skin in circular movements then wash off with warm water.

The look: A travel size tub, it does come in larger sizes, but this makes it perfect for the gym or going on a trip away. The packaging is bright pink with a black lid so it looks girly and fun, the product is a reassuring cream colour.

The smell: Sickly sweet, this is very much a girly girl’s product, smelling like strawberry sweets, it’ll be one of those products you either love or loathe.

The feel: A nice feel for an exfoliator, good sized particles and consistency that clings to the skin just enough for you to rub it in

Result: On application, it seemed to be going well, I like a good scrub to banish dry skin and bumps so this did seem the right consistency. But my more delicate skin started to redden quite quickly. After drying I found that my skin had been left with a wax coating. The waxy feel was most disconcerting, I struggled to pull on my wetlook leggings, and two showers later I can still feel it a little bit. The smell was sickly, and I was left with rashes over my chest, stomach and ankles.

Overall: It’s a product packed with fragrances and chemicals, it is cost effective and a cheaper alternative to spa branded scrubs. But I do not have overly sensitive skin and to encounter a reaction is not a good sign. And the fact that I was left with weird waxy body was not my thing.

Score: 3/10


The brand: French Connection make incredible clothes but can they make great beauty products? The fashion label set up in 1972 by Stephen Marks and designed by Nicole Farhi, has gone from strength to the strength and become the fashionistas high street store of choice. The beauty line is their latest venture, it carries body sprays, creams and shower gels. All in varying sizes making it ideal for travelling.

Rivals: Soap & Glory, Bliss, Face boutique

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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