Last Updated on 13th July 2009


Alexander McQueen has collaborated with photographer David Sims to produce a short film for his S/S 2010 menswear collection, instead of presenting his creations down the catwalk.

The eerie film opens with a triple split screen of a small window, zooming out to reveal a seemingly empty, white space. All very arty. But where are the clothes? Prepare to be disappointed on that front is all I will say…

Dazed Digital explains: ‘The films represents a journey as artistic ideas metamorphose into their physical manifestations, and as the artist himself submits to the painstaking process of invention.’

Right, but what does that mean for the consumer? Perhaps the rest of the film will show us some of the new collection as well. Or perhaps not. Here’s a quick rundown of the film’s events:

Screen 1: Man builds something with sticks. Man burns paper. Man throws things. Man paints over the wall with his hands (dressed in jeans and a white vest).

Screen 2: Man runs around the same corridor shown in the opening, as if frantically looking for something. Inspiration..? (Dressed in tight, white underwear.)

Screen 3: Man sits alone in fetal position, drawing on himself with black marker while looking severely distressed (dressed in tight, white underwear again).

I appreciate the idea behind the film – really I do. And it is definitely worth a watch.  It just all feels a little ‘man gone cold-turkey’ and dare I say it, self-indulgent.

I normally adore Alexander McQueen’s creations, I just wish we’d have got to see some of them in this short film. We’ll just have to make do with the look book!

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