Last Updated on 11th June 2010

Hip-hop star Chipmunk has teamed up with Foot Locker and adidas Shop this summer to launch the latest reincarnation of the iconic adidas Top Ten trainer. As the face of the campaign, Chipmunk will be pictured in Foot Locker windows nationwide when the must-have sneakers hit the shop floor on 6th June. We caught up with Chipmunk for a quick Q&A about the campaign, his personal style and why it’s all in the walk.

How does it feel to be fronting the campaign for such an iconic footwear brand and trainer?
Yeh, good! Cool! It’s kinda hard to explain, it’s good for both parties, you know, I’m into trainers – I like Footlocker, they’re into me – they like my music, so we just made it happen.

How do you wear your adidas Shop which is your favourite colour?
White, it’s summer “innit”. One thing I don’t do is leave a load of laces hanging out my trainers, you know, big bows and stuff, I just think it looks pretty young. Other than that I just do them up and put them on.

So how important is looking good to you?
Yeh man, I just feel that you’ve got to stay fresh, that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to wear designer clothes, I just personally like them to stay looking fresh.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Chipmunk, Jamaal, Indescribable.

When your not sporting your Adidas originals, what other brands do you like to wear?

Good choice…..

I like Prada, I’m hot on Prada, I’ve been on them for a long time.

What is your favourite item of clothing?
My favourite piece of clothing – I actually don’t have a favourite piece but I really like – footwear wise – Superstars and Stan Smiths. And I like plain things, so plain white and plain black t-shirts.

You like keeping it simple, so you let the rest do the talking?
Yeh man, it’s all in the walk.

When it comes to women who do you think has really good style?
Rhianna, Cheryl Cole and Pixie (Lott)

I’ve heard you say you’ve got the TP, total package,‘Look good, MC good make hits and still go on radio and roll with the MCs…’ so what’s the secret behind looking so good?

I think it’s all about confidence. For instance you might get dressed and say to your friend ‘what do you think’, and they might go ‘nah no way’, but it’s down to you ‘innit? I think you should just go for it, you know, you’ve got to be able to pull things off.

Can we expect a Chipmunk clothing line anytime soon?
Yeh you can! I’ve got my Chipmunk cartoon that I wear on my t-shirt, but yeh it’s probably going to pick up more after my tour then we can give it a proper push. I’m more towards the music side, but as well as that I’m into clothes, and kids like what I wear. Yeh we’ve got a t-shirt that’s been popular, so we’re going to branch out soon.

Chipmunk’s Shine Shine tour starts on 28th June and runs throughout July. Visit his website for more information.

The classic adidas Top Ten design is available in three colour ways and will be sold in Foot Locker stores nationwide from June 6th priced from £54.99. Visit footlocker for further information.

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