Last Updated on 19th October 2013

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, American designer Chantel Valentene embarked on a five year freelance designing career, which eventually led this young business woman to create her very own denim line, Resin, with close friend and former President of Paper Denim & Cloth, Chris Gilbert.

Chantel’s work reflects her deep appreciation for the traditional American legacy of denim, as she continually explores new ways to expand the core concept by melding rediscovered details and inspiration with current affect.

Her desire to push new boundaries while staying true to denim’s heritage, is where the name Resin originates. Valentene is said to be inspired by the myriad of uses of synthetic resins and the different effects they can have on the wash or fabric.

“Resin, the chemical solution, changed the face of the denim industry from the basic stone and acid washes of the eighties to the crisp and gloss-coated unwashed denim of today,” explains Valentene.

Chantel uses this new technology to continuously challenge one of the most utilitarian fabrics around by creating a fresh look each season to keep her collections up to date and on-trend.

“I believe that a Resin jean must speak to the artistry, passion and individuality of its wearer, while remaining true to its purpose,” says Chantel. “I pay homage to those who have come before, while crafting with passion and pride modern denim that embodies the spirit of its origin.”

By using fabrics from only the finest sources in the United States and around the world, this aspiring designer definitely delivers on the quality front whilst ensuring each and every denim seperate is crafted to utter perfection.

We wouldn’t recommend you go anywhere else for your perfect pair of denim hotpants this summer.

You can find Resin stocked at Shopbop, or find out more at

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