Last Updated on 28th July 2011

In a bid to hopefully boost their internet sales, American Apparel have teamed up with online heavy-weight, eBay.

Currently, American Apparel’s internet sales only make up ten percent of the company’s entire revenue, making it the perfect time for them to form new online partnerships.

The new found partnership is also a massive bonus for eBay, who are currently looking to target tech-savvy 18-to-25-year-old individuals, which is something American Apparel know only too well how to do – given that statement pretty much summed up their entire core demographic.

Even though American Apparel will have to pay a commission for all sales brokered through eBay’s interface, they expect the deal to generate “several million dollars in sales within its first year,” reports The Cut.

Expected launch date? September 1st this year!

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