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Naughty Grazia admits to digitally slimming painfully slender Kate Middleton

Tut tut Grazia, now we know that the pressure to produce an awe-inspiring Royal Wedding issue was mounting. But with the recent Photoshop errors (Victoria’s Secret like to remove model’s limbs!) did you really think that it wasn’t glaringly obvious that you had digitally altered the already slender Duchess of Cambridge? Read Grazia’s excuse here.

Kate Moss inspired by My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Not a title we would expect to hear, after seeing the romantic nuptials of the ever coiffed Kate Moss. But it seems the supermodel was in fact inspired by the hilarious television series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Find out the extent of the influence here.

Christian Louboutin verses YSL

The red soles of the coveted Louboutin heels are something that every girl, young and old, dreams of owning. But with other designers, such as YSL, trying to step on the cult soles toes Louboutin decided to take action. Read about the red soled court case here.

Vivienne Westwood knocks Kate Middleton off her throne

Don’t be alarmed, our charming Duke of Cambridge hasn’t ditched the lovely Kate Middleton yet (and we hope he never will). Kate continues to stun the world with her fashionable choices for Royal engagements, although she has been knocked down a peg by the one and only Vivienne Westwood. Read what Westwood thinks of the newest Royal addition here.

Kardashian collection for Sears

There isn’t much that the Kardashians haven’t conquered when it comes to advertisements and fashion lines. So their latest collaboration with American retail store Sears isn’t that surprising, neither is the Kardashian inspired name – ‘Kollection’. Read about the ‘kollection’ here.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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