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Denim can never be praised enough. It’s fashion’s most loved staple, with an evergreen presence and the advantage of being the only item of clothing which looks increasingly beautiful with each wear.

Being fashion’s chameleon means a constant overhaul for this beloved fabric; be it sequins and safety pins á la Balmain or a high-waisted and flared Seventies affair as copiously witnessed last season.

But having seen the well-behaved and sexed-up guises of denim, nothing quite matched the reaction evoked in us by the outlandish invention from cult denim label Naked & Famous.

Hailing from Toronto, Naked & Famous specialise in ‘rare and raw Japanese denim’, and if the Far East is anything to go by for introducing innovative techniques and trailblazing trends, Naked & Famous have excelled.

The Canadian label, you see, brings us glow in the dark jeans. Injecting a bit of Christopher Kane’s Princess Margaret on acid into the emblem of contemporary dressing is a brave feat.

Although we’re not rushing to sideline our J Brand favourites just yet, the concept of seeing somebody – all hips gyrating to Swedish House Mafia – in a club, donning a pair of these fluorescent fancies dipped in glow in the dark resin coating is most definitely a novel concept.

The catch? They’re only available for men at the moment, but if this season’s androgynous trend is anything to go by, you can definitely justify stealing them from your guy.

And for the art enthusiasts among us who wish to invest in a timeless piece, a few wears into the Naked & Famous creation and you’ll begin to notice wear patterns as the coating fades in certain areas, leaving you the proud artist and owner of a custom pair.

Convinced yet?

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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