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Some of you will be so wrapped up in Christmas presents this morning you’ll have barely remembered the Boxing day sales have started… who are we kidding? Any seasoned shopper worth her wardrobe will have set her alarm especially early this morning to sift out the savviest steals the stores have got to offer!

But a sale should never be approached without a thorough plan of what’s worth stashing up on and what’s not worth the 15-people queue, and since you’ve been so busy buying presents and preparing the turkey, we’ve made one for you.

With tips on what’s worth its weight in gold and what to avoid at all costs, follow our steps below to the do’s and don’t’s of Christmas sale shopping…

DO buy anything floral. It’s a perennial favourite that’ll prove super versatile come spring.

DON’T buy rich, boozy colours. We may have gulped them up this winter, but come next season we’ll be looking for a brighter beverage.

DO buy into neon. A hot pink tee here, a fluro-striped skirt there – it’s spring’s favourite fad, and since you won’t be wearing them forever, it makes sense to snap them up cheap.

DON’T buy jewel tones. Autumn loves a deep, punchy palette, but next season’s all about the softer shades.

On that note, DO buy pastels for reasons above.

DON’T buy heritage tweeds. Tailoring comes much softer next spring, and unless you’re a country bumpkin, it’s time to pack away the posh past.

DO buy pleated skirts. We saw them everywhere from Celine to Burberry, making them spring’s key skirt shape.

DON’t buy Dalmatian print. Autumn might have loved this trend, but next season there’s not a dog’s dot in sight.

DO buy anything striped, especially bottoms. Pyjama pants are spring’s soft alternative to tailored trousers.

DON’T be tempted by the Seventies. Knock it back a decade and opt for anything Sixties-inspired instead.

DO opt for feminine pieces, preferably detailed with lace. Next season’s all about embracing your girly side.

DON’T buy a coat. We know it’s tempting, but give it a couple of months and outerwear will be the last thing on your mind.

DO buy anything with a collar. Whether it’s peter pan or a pretty embellishment, statement collars are a quick contemporary update.

DON’T buy into Navajo. Next spring is all about the exotic traveller.

DO buy metallics, especially silver. Whether it’s Giles‘ laser-cut leather dress, silver-tinted separates as seen at Christopher Kane or a small shiny satchel, iridescent is hitting the big time.

DON’T try holding onto the fetish trend. We’re waving goodbye to that over-sexed PVC as quickly as we’re wishing winter away.

DO snap up shorts (and short suits, for that matter). Seen at Marc Jacobs, Carven and Mulberry, shorts (and short suits) are spring’s answer to structure.

DON’T keep up with the boys. Skip androgynous shapes and separates in favour of something more feminine.

DO buy anything yellow. Citrus hues are still hot, but eschew last season’s tangy tones in favour of zesty sunshine shades.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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