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It is often said that women are never happy with what Mother Nature has given them, whether it’s wishing for longer legs, slimmer thighs or a flatter tummy. This is never more true than when it comes to the great hair debate: curly or straight?

The Great Hair Debate

Most women with seemingly natural straight hair actually spend hours in front of a mirror with their straightening irons, whilst many curly hairdos are the result of a perm or having received a helping hand from a pair of tongs. Ladies with wavy or kinky hair are lucky enough to have the option of going curly or straight, depending on their mood or to suit a particular occasion.

Curly hair can give an impression of wild abandon and can look fun, playful and sexy. It definitely looks more natural than poker straight hair and is often easier to achieve if your hair is wavy. Loose, soft curls are often seen as being sweet and romantic and hair is often styled in this way for weddings or other special occasions. For nights out, more wild, curly hair can look fabulous, especially if worn in an up-do.

Straight hair tends to be perceived as being more neat and tidy than its curlier counterpart and is definitely a good look for the office. Long, straight hair in good condition, especially darker shades such as brunette or black, appears to be shinier than when worn curly.

Don’t Try to Fight the Weather!

One thing to keep in mind is the weather. There is no point spending time straightening your hair in the morning just to step outside into drizzle, rain or humid weather, which will cause your hair to frizz and look terrible. You’re probably better off styling it curly in the first place if your hair is prone to frizz. Properly styled curls with products added will always look better than straightened hair that has become kinky due to the weather. So it may be worth carrying hair bands, bobbles, clips or hairdressing supplies with you at all times, to fix any emergency hair situation!

Lots of straight-haired women would give anything just to be able to wear their hair curly without having to resort to a perm to create curly locks. Of course, it is true that some men prefer straight hair over curly hair and vice versa. Most are not bothered either way, but many a man will tell you that attraction goes beyond your hairstyle. He will say that your eyes or your smile caught his attention in the first place. At the end of the day, it is all about what’s inside: your personality is what really matters.

If you are naturally wavy or kinky, embrace the versatility of your hair and whether you choose to wear it curly, straight or somewhere in between, walk with your head held high.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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