Last Updated on 13th August 2012

The groomed yet rugged look is a great way to accentuate masculine features and convey an effortless but confident fashion choice. Hollywood celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler seem to pull it off with ease, but it can be surprisingly difficult to make the right choices without seeming too unkempt. However, you don’t need personal fashion advisers and celebrity money to set off in the right direction, and a few simple tips and choices can define your own personal and handsome, masculine style.

Mess Up Your Hair

The first step should be perfecting the messy hairstyle. This look can be quite easy to achieve, but you’ll still need to invest in decent hair wax or putty otherwise you’ll stray into wild and crazy hair territory. We recommend a great range of men’s hair products from Jacks Male Grooming. For longer hair, a mussed up, wavy style should be used. Always apply mousse instead of wax, as it is easier to style longer hair and it will keep the tousled look looking healthy and shiny, rather than greasy.

For a shorter hair style, the bed head look can be applied with some styling gel or putty. Pull the hai in different directions but don’t flatten everything down, as your hair will look as if it’s been pasted to your head. A scruffy razor cut hairstyle is another way to can keep your hair short while still looking well-groomed. Leave a bit hair length around the ears, and make sure you still have a fringe to play with.

Designer Stubble

Of course, designer stubble is the first thing people think of when picturing the rugged look. A permanent five o’clock shadow can maintained with a decent set of clippers or electric razor. Pick
a length and try to stick to it. Slightly longer stubble can still suit the look, but halfway between stubble and beard can look sloppy. Designer stubble can be ill-advised if you can only manage thin, wispy looking facial hair. If this is the case, concentrate on your other features instead.

Wardrobe Choice

Rugged doesn’t mean dusting off your oldest pair of jeans and pairing them with shirts that have seen better days. Smart but effortless should always be the priority. Get rid of the pastel colours, and adopt harder blues, reds and greens. Tartan or checked shirts are a popular smart casual wardrobe addition, and they can be worn all year round. However, even with unkempt hair and a bit of stubble, a well tailored and fitted suit can still complement the look. Always choose traditional
styles and colours when picking one out.

Pick Out A Scent

Picking the right cologne or aftershave can be the finishing touch to the groomed and rugged look. Choose a stronger and more masculine scent which isn’t too musky instead of citrus or sweet smelling colognes and aftershaves. This will really finish your style and add a personal touch.
There can be a fine line between rugged and scruffy, but following the above tips is the easiest way to accomplish the modern style effortlessly.

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