Last Updated on 19th October 2013

If watching the Olympic sports wasn’t really your kind of thing then we hope you took inspiration from the heritage of the games. As you’ll probably know the Olympics has its roots in Ancient Greece, a time synonymous with goddesses dressed in flowing garments, tunics and gladiator sandals – sounds a bit like the trends of today, no?

So, if you found that you just couldn’t get into Olympic table tennis don’t despair. We’re still holding on to the spirit of Olympic fever by channelling Grecian fashion and you can get it too. Read on to get gorgeously Grecian with tips from plus size clothing retailer Curvissa.


Ok. So, a sheet wrapped around your torso with a few ivy leaves pinned on probably isn’t going to cut it if you want to look ultra sexy (unless, of course it’s fancy dress, and then by all means – old
sheets and ripped ivy are the way forward!). Instead, you can quite easily find Grecian style evening dresses on the high street. Opt for floaty white dresses with clinched in waists and wrap over effects
to really get that Grecian look. For Grecian straps think one shouldered or cap sleeved. Add some gold bangles or a gold waist belt to really capture that goddess vibe. It doesn’t always have to be
about white though. Grecian style dresses have been a big hit this summer and you can find a great selection of Greek goddess style maxi dresses – for alternative colours think black, emerald or

Make up

The Grecian look is all about the dramatic eyes. Apply a light gold eye shadow on your eye lid and use a dark brown matte in the crease of your eye for a contouring effect. Then lightly mix together so that the two colours seamlessly blend into one another. Next, line the top of your eyelashes with black eyeliner – liquid is best here as it allows you to reach the level of detail needed – once you
reach the end of your eyelid flick the eyeliner up about half an inch to create sexy cat-like eyes. Add gold eyeliner to the inner-rim of your bottom lashes and apply mascara to complete the look.

Greek goddesses tend to have bronzed cheeks and strong cheek bones. Use your powder brush to apply bronzer in an upward motion. Suck your cheeks in to really accentuate those gorgeous cheek
bones! Finally, opt for a nude shade of lipstick and away you go!


Try a loose up-do pinned to the back of your head, with a few fly-aways to frame your face. For an elegant touch go for a loose bun pulled round over one of your shoulders. If your dress can’t accommodate a gold belt then there’s no stopping you wearing a gold headband for a really gorgeous, Greek goddess look.

With these style tips to get gorgeously Grecian, you’ll have no trouble finding your inner goddess!

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