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It is the night before your holiday and your bedroom looks like a tornado ran through it with dresses, tops and shoes scattered on the floor, bed and wardrobe. You have so many choices and no matter how many times you rule that little black dress out, somehow you always end up going back to it because it is classic and makes you look slim. Is it the best option for your holiday in Venice though? Surely a dress with a bit of colour is better?

Fashion stylist Amanda Bernstein said while most women might know what colours work for them at home they often get it wrong for a holiday.

“The main problem is women assume that if they do not look good in green, that all greens are off limits. However, there are different levels of intensity. There is big difference between dark green and light green.”

Here are some tips on how to flaunt your colourful side while on holiday.

Tip # 1: Learn the colour wheel – emerald green is not the same as lime green.

Green is a tricky colour and therefore is often overlooked. It is also dependent on your skin and hair colour – redheads and women with lighter skin should stick with bright green while emerald green will work a treat on olive-skinned beauties. Be sure to keep an open mind because there is a whole rainbow of shades to choose from.

Laura Anderson, online merchandiser for La Redoute said “Pastel shades are a perfect way to experiment with colour and are a safe option for those afraid of wearing anything bright or bold. Mint green is a good colour for summer.”

Tip # 2: Keep it personal – don’t draw attention for the wrong reasons

“Some women try to alter their colour choices based on the company they keep. They see a friend wearing a more daring colour and think they should do the same, said Bernstein”

It is important to remember that trying new things does not necessarily mean the brightest shade of red just because you are travelling to Las Vegas. Remember being on holiday is about relaxing and it will soon become apparent that you are uncomfortable in your new red trousers if your face is the same shade. Bottom line: Don’t stray too far from your usual colour palette.

Tip #3: Research ahead to blend in with the culture

One of the best things about going on holiday is that you can make colour decisions but still blend in with the culture. As an example, in Morocco, you would be more likely to cover up with a long skirt to remain modest, but you can still have fun with colour without compromising an outfit.

Tip #4: Stripes are not the enemy – how you wear them is the key

It is a common misconception that horizontal stripes widen you. To avoid looking like a candy cane, try to break up the stripes with a solid colour. If you are heavier on top, trousers with stripes are a better option but if you prefer to wear stripes in a top, a solid on bottom is a must.

Tip #5: Cream is the new white

“Wearing white on a summer holiday is a great option and many do so because it is a light and refreshing shade,” explains Bernstein. ”However some women tend to stray away from this colour because it highlights areas of the body we would rather conceal.”

Cream is a warmer colour and can be used as an alternative to white. It retains the light, fresh feeling while appearing less bright.

Tip#6: Black is not slimming on everyone

Another common misconception is that black is slimming and on everyone. This is not only untrue but another myth is that it is the only colour that can slim a woman. Brown is also an option and is a nice colour to take on holiday. However do not wear darker colours just to appear slimmer because like brighter colours, black and brown have different shades. Richer browns look good with tan skin types whereas those with paler skin will look washed out in all black.

Laura Anderson, online merchandiser for La Redoute, “The great thing about brown and black is that they are two colours that are versatile for both summer and autumn/winter holidays. A perfect option for brunettes is a rich walnut shade while a deep chocolate brown will lend itself nicely in contrast a lighter hair colour.”

Tip#7: Don’t forget about accessories – another great option to add in some casual colour

If you are still unsure about adding colour to your holiday wardrobe, accessories are a great way to introduce colour gradually. It is also good for women who need to pack light. Keep clothes neutral and let your outfit pop with a cranberry heel or marmalade belt.

Another thing to remember: Don’t buy an item while on holiday if it won’t fit in with your everyday wardrobe at home. You might love a pair of yellow boots in Paris but would you wear them on the streets of Mayfair? Probably not.

Happy Travels!


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