Last Updated on 26th September 2012

London Fashion Week may be over and while we may need to wait just a little longer before we can start experimenting with some of the looks set to emerge for SS13….it’s never too early to try out some of the “beauty trends” we observed.

First up – the hair at Fyodor Golan. We loved the interconnected ponytails that complimented the tribal inspired collection and if you did too here’s a step by step guide courtesy of ghd’s creative director Kenna!


1. Use the ghd air to quickly blow dry product-free hair smooth, training the roots back toward the crown of the head.

2. Create a diamond shaped section at the nape of the head and use an elastic band to secure a low centre ponytail.

3. Make the large remaining section of hair damp with water and ghd Style Total Volume.

4. Use the ghd Detangling Comb to create raked texture by comb curving hair (from the front to the back) towards the centre of the head to get more pronounced lines. Secure with an elastic band in a high ponytail.

5. Starting with the top ponytail, remove any excess moisture by running a ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush and the ghd air (on a medium heat and medium speed) through the ponytail.

6. Use the ghd Gold Max styler to quickly flatten the ponytail, then tie an elastic band 1.5inches from the first elastic band to create height. Flatten the ponytail again with the ghd Gold Max styler.

7. Repeat steps 5 -6 on the bottom ponytail.

8. Tie the top ponytail to the bottom pony using an elastic band. Cover the elastic by wrapping a 2cm section of hair from the lower ponytail around the elastic band. Secure with ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray to keep the hair flat and shiny.

9. Spray ghd Style Final Shine Spray onto the raked texture at the front of the head for amazing textured shine on the runway.

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