Last Updated on 10th October 2012

Converse trainers have been in our lives from as early as the 1900?s, and over the years have grown into an instantly recognisable, iconic piece of footwear that we can’t live without. They’re one of the only pieces of footwear that look just as good on boys as they do on girls – although admittedly how each gender styles them might be a little bit different. You would hope so, at least!

Whether they’re worn as athletic shoes as originally intended back in the day, or when having a dress-down day and teamed with the classic jeans and tee combo, they’re always going to make an effortless style statement. Hence the very apt description: “timeless classic”.

They may be a classic design, but the ways in which they can be worn are practically endless. We particularly like the way the shoes and the brand itself has evolved within the skateboard culture… remember its famous skateboarding program a few years ago with ambassadors such as Anthony Pappalardo, Nick Trapasso, Ethan Fowler, Raymond Molina, Jason Jessee and Mike Anderson flying the flag for the shoes?

While we don’t think anything can beat the original black and white canvas shoes (they’re classics that have stood the test of time for a reason!), we don’t think you should start and stop your Converse adventure there. There’s a very generous and stylish selection of revamped Converse KA, Converse Ballard and Converse Rune Pro designs over at Skatehut , and not only will they add some edge, character and colour to your outfits, but we think will help with your spring/summer to autumn/winter transition rather nicely.

If you want classic monochrome or something with a bit of an attitude to go complement your personality, we guarantee you’ll find something to snap up on the website. And best of all, the Converse trainers are available for next day delivery!

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