Last Updated on 4th January 2013

For most women, getting caught out in the unexpected rain (but not that unexpected – this is England after all) and having the false tan you carefully put on your legs to give you that bronzed post-holiday glow drip down your legs is a bit of a nightmare.

However, it looks like the folks over at Urb-clothing disagree, as they have created a full 12-piece range of tights that would make it look like you had various substances dripping from your legs if you stepped out in them. Made from latex and baby powder (yes, really) you can choose from black and white versions with holes in them, as well as more subtle (we use that term loosely) footless creations with bright, neon goo-like substances too. Halloween is a long way away, but we don’t even think these are for fancy dress purposes! But who would wear them?!

Quite a few people, it turns out, as one of the pairs has actually sold out on the website! We have a feeling popstar Ke$ha will be all over these like a rash, but who else can you see wearing them? Are we ready for the melting tights? Will we see these at Somerset House during London Fashion Week next month? Let us know your thoughts! And feel free to click here should you want to snap up a pair for yourselves, or are just intrigued by the designs…

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