Last Updated on 23rd May 2013

You might be convincing your girlfriend to sell one of her many handbags or pairs of shoes to make some extra room in the house as well as some extra money, but there’s no reason you yourself can’t get in on the selling action either.

There’s a host of great brands to buy and sell on eBay, and if you’re a bit of an online marketplace novice, we’re here to assist you with some helpful suggestions for what to sell.

Nike – more and more people want to get into shape, especially now the sun is coming out. Trainers, tracksuits, anything with the Nike label is sure to go down well with buyers as they know they’re getting performance-enhancing quality. If it’s good enough for the pros…

Dolce and Gabbana – whether it’s aftershave, accessories or clothes, buyers know they’re getting something great when they see something bearing this Italian label.

Levi Strauss – what man doesn’t love investing in a good pair of jeans? Jean brands don’t get more respectable than Levi Strauss – as they never go out of fashion and only get better with age, Levi jeans are perfect contenders for eBay selling.

Gap – another great brand to sell to fellow men who want something that covers the three “c”s… cool, cheap, casual. Gap does loungewear, and it does it quite well!

Ralph Lauren – another designer label that does all the hard work for you. You don’t need to convince buyers to buy a second-hand Ralph Lauren item – the pics and label will do it alone!

And if you want to ensure that you’re a credible eBay seller with positive feedback and 100% customer satisfaction, we’d suggest using Royal Mail for sending your packages out to their new homes. You can use the website to check how much the parcel will cost to send before you list the item, which means that you’ll be giving an honest and accurate price – always goes down a treat with buyers. eBay delivery made easy!

Buyers and sellers alike love the tracking services Royal Mail offers too; you as a seller will know when the package has arrived at its destination so you can put your mind at ease, and the buyer will know when their parcel has been shipped so they can make sure they’re in to collect it. Win, win!

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