Last Updated on 29th May 2013

The fashion biz can be a lucrative one when approached correctly, but it’s not necessarily the easiest one to get into. Door to door marketing (we hope we haven’t lost you already – keep reading!) is a great way to not only promote your fashion business but at the core of it, the principles required to execute an effective door to door marketing campaign can also be applied to making sure you successfully get your foot in the fashion door. Before we start let’s briefly explain what door to door marketing is. To put it simply door to door marketing involves distributing leaflets that communicate exactly what your business has to offer directly to your target market.

Right, now here’s 4 very important ways the principles behind door to door marketing can help you achieve not only your marketing goals but your personal business goals too.

Research your market
Before you can start door to door marketing – whatever the nature of the business – you must research your market. We can’t stress this enough. Thankfully this has been made easier by the Royal Mail door to door service with their free customer finder service.

We’d recommend thoroughly researching the relevant fashion industry insiders. Make sure you know your Primark from your Prada, research the big-names in fashion and find out why they’re so important, and how you can learn from their case studies.

Just like door to door marketing itself, getting into the fashion industry can be a challenge, but don’t be disheartened.

Your hard work will pay off – it’s sometimes all about being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people, but you will get your break if you are determined to succeed. And ‘keep the faith’, as those New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi like to say.

Be organised
If you’re to meet your goals it’s important that you meet the deadline you’ve set for your door to door marketing campaign. A delay could result in significant loss in sales. Being organised will definitely make your entrance into the fashion world much smoother. We suggest using Google calendar which has a built in feature that’ll email you a reminder for all your tasks for the day. Ensure you complete all tasks on time. Not only will you feel in control but it’ll also give you a confidence boost and a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day.

Dress for success
It’s very important that you communicate your product succinctly and effectively in your campaign. The same principle must be applied to yourself. Presentation is key. It’s important that you communicate who you are and what you can offer effectively. Appearance is everything in the fashion industry! Make sure you look smart and presentable.

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