Last Updated on 9th October 2013

For many men throughout Britain, the weekend is a period that’s best expended when entirely dedicated to sport. There are some unfortunate weekends however, when there aren’t many top-quality sporting fixtures played. The consequence is two days of solitude, as we strive to conjure up enough activities to make us forget about the great hole in our weekend and our love for sport. We usually get through such weekends in one piece – but only just about. Either way, I wouldn’t wish sport-less weekends on my worst enemy. Here are a few things you can do to bring a bit of sporting light into those dark and gloomy weekends.



Kempton Park

One of the very few benefits of a weekend in which there aren’t many decent sporting fixtures is that it allows us to spend more time with our families. Kempton Park is a way to do this without distancing yourself away from sport completely.

One of the world’s most venerable horse racing grounds, Kempton Park is a sporting institution and a proud piece of Britain’s rich sporting heritage. Even when there are no fixtures on, there is much to do at Kempton Park that’ll make it well worth a weekend trip.

As well as a few bars and cafes, Kempton boasts a range of delicious food spots including their Panoramic Bar and Restaurant and a Best of British spot offering fish and chips, pies and mash and curries. There is also the Trattoria Pizzeria with delicious freshly baked pizzas.

Concerts are often held at Kempton, while they host a regular antiques market there on Sundays. They also have a range of children’s activities, making it ideal for families. Accommodation is also possible and it’s for such reasons that many choose to spend their whole weekends at Kempton.

Join A Sports Club

For many, the next best thing to watching sports is playing sports. Joining a sports club is a great way to fill the gaping hole that occurs in our lives when there are no decent sporting fixtures to entertain us on the weekends. Since many sports clubs – such as Saturday or Sunday League football – play their fixtures on the weekends, those of us who participate in sports, won’t have to worry about a weekend that’s devoid of any form of sport.


Wembley Stadium Tour

There is no other sporting arena in Britain more venerable and infamous than Wembley. This is after all where England won their only World Cup triumph in 1966. There really are countless sporting memories etched into the history of Wembley that it’ll be near impossible to mention them all.

Tours throughout Wembley can be arranged and booked fairly easily. It is more or less compulsory for us to visit Wembley and tour throughout in order to gain a sound comprehension and feel of England’s proud sporting history. No other venue, stadium or museum will allow you to experience this and so it must go down as the ultimate English sports education venue.

A Wembley Stadium tour will be a fantastic weekend family trip that everyone can enjoy.

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