Last Updated on 24th April 2014

…..of course you do; who wouldn’t?

Burt’s Bees has put together a pretty neat little video which not only showcases all the fantastic lip care products it has to offer the world – and that’s natural lip care products, by the way – but also how to apply them too. Thank you Katey Denno for sharing your tips and tricks with us!

This isn’t your ordinary monotonous YouTube how-to either – just watch the video to see what we mean!

The main tip we discovered while watching the video is that layering really is our friend, which is perfectly fine for us as it means we can treat our lips to more than one lip product at a time. Surely twice the products means twice the fun?

Product number 1 featured in  the video is the Burt’s Bees lip balm, which is as eco friendly as it is sumptuous thanks to the recycled plastic tube it comes in. It keeps lips looking and feeling soft and healthy, which is pretty much all we can ask for from a lip balm.

Product number 2 is just as delicious (so to speak, we don’t recommend actually eating it!). The natural lip balm has both Shea Butter and Vitamin E in it, which means it’s perfect for moisturising the lips. It’s also tinted and comes in a variety of different colours, which means you get the appearance of a lipstick with all, the moisturising quality of a lip balm.

We think we’ve said all there is to say – watch the video now!

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