Last Updated on 23rd May 2014

We can always trust New Look to come up with new and exciting ideas and concepts; the clue is in the store’s name, is it not?

With that in mind, the guys over at New Look have been busy working on a new and exciting campaign entitled Colour and Mood, and the general consensus is that our mood can be altered and affected by the colours we wear. Lots of research has been done surrounding the subject, and as a result, New Look has created a pretty neat little visual parallax scrolling graphic which you can check out right here.

We think New Look has hit the nail on the head – take a look for yourselves and let us know whether you think New Look and the clever researchers are onto something.

It’s no secret that colours play an important part in our lives, whether that’s with our daily sartorial decisions or slightly more permanent décor choices for our homes. We can’t be the only ones who put on bright coloured tops and dresses when we’re in a good mood and want to show the world, or wear dark colours when we are having an off day and just want to blend into the background. Why else do we wear white, the lightest colour of them all, while getting married (one of the happiest days of any girl’s life) and black when attending funerals and mourning?

We’re having a blue moment right now (the colour, not the emotion) and love the pearls of wisdom New Look shares with us. For example, if you’re a beautiful blonde then pastel blue is the shade for you, whereas your brunette or redhead friends would look even more striking in cobalt blue instead. And you can’t go wrong with good old navy blue – especially when trying to look professional, making it the perfect hue for a job interview or an important meeting.

For more insight into the different colours of the rainbow, click here to see what else New Look has to say.

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