Last Updated on 30th May 2014

With so many fashionable events to remember month after month, we’re not surprised to find that some people are overwhelmed and sometimes forget important dates.

If you forget your planner on the tube or you accidentally drop your trusty smart phone in the coffee pot then how are you going to remember those all-important fashion dates? Don’t panic, because we have the perfect solution; or rather, Diffusion Online does.

Diffusion Online has created a pretty neat little infographic which you can see below, which references all the important dates and events a true fashionista needs to know to get through the year in fret-free style. And we don’t really mean little – it’s a pretty large and extensive list. We’re printing it out and sticking it on our office pin board as we speak. We might even go as far as saving it as our desktop picture, but that would mean removing Bradley Cooper and we’re not sure we’re ready to make that commitment yet…

We digress! We almost forgot about Graduate Fashion Week kicking off this weekend, so it’s a good job we glanced at the infographic to remind us. Next month looks pretty exciting too, as it’s time for the boys to strut their stuff for Milan Men’s Fashion Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The perfect time to plan a trip to Italy or France, if you ask us.

From the Met Gala in May to the British Fashion Awards in December to everything else in-between, it’s all there! Which fashion event are you looking forward to the most?


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